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Radon Testing of Minnesota

I am here to Get My Clients Accurate Radon Test Results so they can make an informed decision whether or not a mitigation is needed.

Owner Greg Peters

Hi, I am Greg Peters Owner of Radon testing of Minnesota.


I do this because I have been personally touched by the effects of Radon, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago and in the doctor's appointment they were trying to figure out the cause of the cancer when they finally were done with all of the regular questions they asked if she has ever had here home tested for radon. The answer was no, I have a friend that is a home inspector and he conducted a Radon tests at my mom’s house. The Radon levels were 4 times the EPA recommended action level of 4pCi/L. The inspector had a company he highly recommended to do the mitigation, but my dad being the money conscious man that he is called a few other company's and had them come out and give quotes, but in the end he chose the company the inspector suggested because they were the most knowledgeable.  When the mitigation was complete the Radon level was 0.2 witches about what the outdoor radon level is.

FYI:  My mother is doing well and is now cancer free.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Radon in you home or if you have questions about Radon and Real estate.

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